At Tribe, we believe in creating quality cannabis experiences that bring our community together. We’re a convergence of diverse personalities and backgrounds with the common mission of providing each patient with unique and effective products made with creativity, integrity, and transparency. Welcome to our Tribe!


Dog Walkers

(11) 0.35 Gram Pre Rolls (3.85 Grams Total) With Full Flower. Available in Original, Dipped & Rolled, and Solventless Infused.

Hard Candies

Hash Rosin Solventless Hard Candies – (Pack of 11 Candies) With an Assortment of Flavors.

Tribe Products

Tribe Product Has Been Planted, Harvested, and Developed Into Its Final Form by Us, With You in Mind.

Cosmic Capsules

Made With Live Resin, Mct Oil, and a Vegetable Glycerin Capsule. Vegan and Gluten Friendly Edible.


A New Wild Way to Dab with Our Assortment of Hash Rosin Shaped Animals. With Our Original Lion, Monkey, and Bear Lineup and Adding More to the Tribe Animal Kingdom!

Space Balls

Lord Space Helmet’s Favorite Smokable. Full Sun Grown Flower Nugs  Dipped in Live Resin and Rolled in THC-a Isolate.

Rosin Rocks

Full Sun Grown Flower Nugs  Dipped in Rosin Jam and Rolled in Bubble Hash. Very Potent Compared to Your Normal Moon Rock.


Our Version of the Classic “Otter Pop”, Made with Live Resin and All-Natural Flavoring. Our Lower Dose Item So It Is Made for Multiple Servings or Lower Dose Patients.

Tribe Exotics

Our Limited Run Single Source Tribe Exotics Concentrates That Include: Badder and Sprinkles Combo, Single Source Caviar Rosin, and 2-Gram Double Badder.


Solventless Hash Rosin Suckers That Are Long-Lasting but with a Special Component, Activated Rosin. Available in a Variety of Out of This World Flavors.

Pow Pow THC Drink Mix

Our Water Soluble Drink Mix Made with Natural Vitamins with the THC. Our POW POW Down Is Used for a Calming Effect (Down) While Our POW POW Up Is Used for a Focused Mind (Up).

Moon Rocks

Full Sun Grown Flower Nugs  Dipped in Live Resin and Rolled in Kief. Very Potent and Effective Compared to Normal Dried Flower.


Hashimals Aquatics

Aloha, beaches! It’s the newest addition to our Hashimals line! Introducing, Hashimals Aquatics! We mold our Forum Live Hash Rosin into a dangerously-cute Dolphin, ornery Octopus, and a spectacular Starfish!

Infused Pre Rolls

Our 1-gram Infused Pre Rolls are made with all flower for a full body flavor. Available in Bubble Hash Infused, Bubble Hash Infused Dipped & Rolled, THC-A Infused, and THC-A Infused Dipped & Rolled varieties.

Cosmic Capsules - Extra Strength (170mg)

Blast off with our full spectrum capsules! A simple ingestible for those who prefer not to smoke, these coconut MCT oil capsules will take you far far away—while staying pure, clean, and effective. Now available in 170 mg capsules!


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